Football Needs Creators

Paul Pogba was the new man of the moment. Re-joining Manchester United for a record breaking fee as one of the world’s big name players. Adidas chose to feature him for their campaign which would follow his rise from a young skilled footballer through to the star of today.

We did castings across Europe to find the right talent for the roles. Two of our Select Sports Artists youngsters were selected to play the roles of the young Pogba.

I worked closely with my assistant Marc Cumberbatch to bring the football action to life. We rehearsed with the young players and also with the 22 background footballers for the ‘epic’ final scene with Pogba back at the ‘Theatre of Dreams’.

We wanted to show his elegance and physical prowess in bringing the ball out of the air. This was shot from a side angle looking up at him in flight- slow motion. When we shoot like this, every detail can be seen so it is imperative from my perspective that everyone in shot is fully focussed and performing as they would in a top match.

I wanted to give Paul the freedom to express himself which I know that he likes. We did this for the moves to beat the opposition players and we practised a few variations which the director Stacy then just had to figure out with his d.o.p how to best capture the action.

ClientAdidasYearSummer 2016