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Autumn 2019

Apparently a new Predator boot was being released. One that was different to the rest. Beckham would feature as an original Predator icon and the new Predator man Paul Pogba would also feature.

I looked over the storyboard and through the scripts. The ad agency TBWA had come up with a cool idea for this one.

At a house in Richmond, I got to meet director Daniel Warwick for the first time. He was full of smiles and I could see that we would easily get along. Beckham came and did his scenes with no fuss at all. We toyed with the idea of Pogba dribbling around players for his scene but settled on the swerve free-kick. Paul and his double Josh who is on our agency at Select Sports Artists get along like old pals. The pressure was on Josh when he had to step up to demo the outside of the boot swerve shot. Everyone on set was watching including Pogba and his team. Boom! Josh smashed the ball into the corner of the goal with a great strike! Great to work with everyone on this shoot including the other top players. The whole team were excellent and my good friend Marc Cumberbatch joined me once again to choreograph the action. My first Predator shoot was back in 1997 with Beckham featuring so 20 plus years later, it feels surreal to be back on set for Predator. Now let’s see if this boot plays fair or unfair for the top stars!

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