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Summer 2018

Brief: “This ad is all about Creativity. Give us the amazing football action and work closely with our biggest assets to bring it to life. How can we push the boundaries of our biggest commercial yet?”

I was trusted with this huge campaign which felt like I was choreographing three shoots in one! I brought my fellow Select Sports Artists choreographer Marc Cumberbatch on board to work alongside me on this one and he did a fantastic job! We had lots of challenges along the way with some assets not able to make it to rehearsals and the intricacy of the dance scene was intense. It was a privilege working with Kendrick Sandy and his dance choreography team for this scene. Thankfully we found a solution for every obstacle and brought it all together for the big finale. It was brilliant working with the 72andSunny team again and Iconoclast. I had to bring the Creativity and was trusted with ‘The Answer!’

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