Creating Chaos





Spring 2016

Creating Chaos was a case of developing something new, therefore it’s not your average football ad!

I very much enjoyed the challenge of creating a cage fight feel. Especially between the talented football freestylers from the Paris based ‘S3 Society’ and the freestyle bikers from Belgium.

Although, it wasn’t all good news! We had a huge challenge with the weather conditions due to torrential rain on rehearsal day. We actually had to get water pumped out of the location!

All of the performers were true pros so they didn’t let the conditions affect their performance.

While one of my challenges was figuring out the ‘coolest’ way for the teams to do battle, I decided to have one of the freestyle footballers run at a biker to steal the ball with a cool flick away. Lisa Zimouche had the opportunity to showcase her skills while being surrounded by the bikers.

I was pleased with the end result as the brief was ‘creative chaos and control’ and I think this came across in the edit.


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