Deco vs Bernardo





Summer 2019

Kick about scenes with oranges and other items in the kitchen and lounge is pretty much what I did a lot of growing up! So choreographing the football stars and guiding them through the action for this was something I felt very much ‘at home’ with.

Deco was a natural with the skills and Bernardo Silva, who was modest about his ability to juggle the smaller items, clearly still demonstrated his level of control. I did spend time practicing with each of the players before the cameras were rolling, just so that they felt comfortable with each of the moves and the action in the script.

It was an honour to feature in the viral clips with Deco and Silva used by Hisense. Amazingly, we never had both players in the house at the same time- so we relied on clever directing from Luke Brookner and also our doubles from Select Sports Artists.

Now get out there and buy a Hisense fridge and TV so that you can invite your mates over for a kick about with oranges!


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